Development course

Development history

1958    -- Qingdao Machinery Technology School was founded by the former Qingdao Machinery Industry Bureau,It is a school-running license approved by the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Shandong Province and issued by the provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security,A full-time secondary professional technical school integrating vocational and technical education, vocational skills training, national vocational skills appraisal and academic education,Focus on training high-quality composite senior professional and technical personnel。

2008    ——   Approved by the Shandong Provincial government, the establishment of more than 100 billion state-owned Qingdao government platform companyQingdao Huatong State-owned Capital Operation (Group) Co., LTDIt is directly under the management of Qingdao Municipal Government and performs the main functions of capital operation, investment and financing of Qingdao Municipal Government。

2009    ——   Qingdao Mechanical Technology School is recognized by Qingdao Labor and Social Security Bureau as one of the twenty-nine vocational skills appraisal units in Qingdao。

2011    ——   Approved by the Qingdao Municipal government, Qingdao Mechanical Technology School was officially transferred to Qingdao Huatong State-owned Capital Operation Group公办Colleges and universities, the school has been recognized by the Qingdao Municipal government as the Qingdao high-end skills professional personnel training base, labor preparation training base, employment promotion training base,Blue collarTraining base。

2015    ——   Qingdao Mechanical Technology School won the award in the Qingdao education system reform achievementQingdao Education System reform achievement Innovation Award;It has been selected as a key training base by China Foundry Association, Qingdao Machinery Industry Association and Qingdao Metro Industry Association。

2021    ——   Qingdao Huatong State-owned capital Operation Group and Qingdao Marine Technician College actively introduce strategic cooperation units,We will carry out mixed state-owned ownership reform,Qingdao Lianrong Education stands out among many competitive units,Become a new school partner,The two sides are united,Implement comprehensive cooperation,Qingdao Machinery Technology School is committed to building a leading domestic and provincial first-class high-end professional skills talents vocational education school。

    Qingdao Lianrong Education has long focused on vocational education college entrance examination research, accumulated rich experience in college entrance examination counseling, and has a first-class team of teachers。In recent years, it has cooperated with more than a dozen well-known schools in the province to carry out general vocational integration and vocational education college entrance examination, accurately grasp the "pulse" of vocational education college entrance examination, and implement the teaching and management of students participating in the vocational education college entrance examination in accordance with the standards of key ordinary high schools。The college vocational education college entrance examination has been successful year after year,A large number of students have been admitted to Shandong University of Science and Technology, Shandong University of Technology, Qingdao University, Qingdao Agricultural University, Shandong Jianzhu University, Shandong Jiaotong University, Qilu Normal University, Shandong Women's College, Weifang Medical College, Binzhou Medical College, Jining Medical College, Taishan University and other institutions of higher learning through taking the vocational education College entrance examination,Further study。Keep for years100%Graduation rate and undergraduate enrollment rate90%The above excellent results, far ahead in similar schools, broke out a "vocational school students to undergraduate" education road。

2022    ——   It has been examined and approved by relevant departments of Qingdao Municipal Government,Qingdao Mechanical Technology School moved to Lingang Road, West Coast New Area, Qingdao to expand the school,As the West Coast New District's first "innovative instructor management" school,With strict management, high quality teaching, rich and colorful community activities,It was quickly praised and highly trusted by the majority of students and parents。


    20212022Qingdao Mechanical Technology School participated in the vocational education college entrance examination of students for two consecutive years undergraduate enrollment rate reached90%Above, has won the provincial champion1People, province before105People, province before5026People, province before10055人。2022International business, computer two major100%Promoted to undergraduate, by the authority of Qingdao education media - Youth Daily education online special interview reported as a "group" on the undergraduate!

2023    ——   为深入贯彻落实党中央关于职业教育工作的决策部署和习近平总书记有关大力发展职业教育的重 要指示批示精神,We will continue to reform the development of a modern vocational education system,Optimize the type orientation of vocational education,With the concern, support and help of Party committee and government leaders at all levels,Qingdao Mechanical Technology School accumulates strength and moves forward,The Guzhenkou military-civilian Integration Zone University Town branch was launched,This will open a new era of high quality and rapid development of vocational education in Qingdao Mechanical Technology School。

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