Headmaster's message

A message from the headmaster

Dear teachers, students and parents,


Qingdao Machinery Technical School was founded in 1958 by the former Qingdao Machinery Industry Bureau,A full-time secondary professional technical school integrating vocational and technical education, vocational skills training, national vocational skills appraisal and academic education,It is a key public school in Qingdao,Focus on training high-quality composite senior professional and technical personnel。

Speech Teacher:

Education is a great cause of mankind, and the ultimate goal of education is to cultivate talents。Every child is a precious treasure。Let us lead the fountain of knowledge, knock on the door of the soul, reveal the lock of wisdom, water with love, influence with truth, enlighten with wisdom, edify with personality, and shape this life full of hope and dreams with ideals。Love and responsibility are our eternal teacher soul, and preaching, teaching and perplexing are our sacred duties。Let us think for tomorrow, design for the future, and be responsible for the lifetime of students。Hand in hand, standing in the new starting point of education, the pursuit of perfection and innovation, casting a new brilliant career!

Students are very different,Let's study the personality of each student carefully,Give play to one's strengths,Let every student get comprehensive and personality harmonious and unified development,Let's be in education,Adhere to the human and adult equal importance,Equal emphasis on IQ and EQ,Equal emphasis is placed on knowledge and ability,Cultivate students' basic quality comprehensively,Responsible for the lifelong development of students,Responsible for the sustainable development of students。Teachers, let us join hands, with unremitting efforts and pursuit, loyalty to the people's education cause, worthy of the honorable title of "people's teachers"。

A message to students:

Ideal is value, goal is power, knowledge is enjoyment, struggle is fun, pragmatism is action, dedication is life。Don't forget what you say, don't forget what you do。Students, school is a paradise where you can fly your ideals and grow up happily。Forming good habits is more important than learning knowledge。

A drop of water wears away a stone, and streams form a river。The smallest gap between people is IQ, the biggest gap is persistence。As long as we start from now on, start from the little things around us, start from every detail, make friends with good habits, progress a little bit every day, gain a little bit every day, you will find yourself the happiest, the healthiest, the best!

Sending parents:

The first responsibility of parents is to educate their children, and the first thing to educate children is to cultivate their good habits。To educate children, first of all, to be a good parent;To be a good parent, start by cultivating good habits in your child。As parents, we must work hard on the cultivation of children's habits, clear their role in the process of educating children, seize the key period, pay attention to scientific methods, and train children's good habits in a targeted way。Parents and friends, let our home school hand in hand, pay attention to the children's habits, the achievement of children's happiness。