School profile

School profile

    Qingdao Mechanical Technology School Yu1958年Founded by the former Qingdao Machinery Industry Bureau, is approved by the Shandong Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, with the provincial human resources and social security Department issued a school license, set vocational and technical education, vocational skills training, national vocational skills appraisal and academic education as one of the full-time secondary professional technology
公办The school focuses on training high-quality composite senior professional and technical personnel。

    In 2009, it was recognized by Qingdao Labor and Social Security Bureau as one of the 29 vocational skills appraisal units in Qingdao。

    School co-opening护理Early childhood educationElectronic commercemechatronicsAir serviceArt paintingSuch as 12 popular majors, open the general college entrance examination, vocational education college entrance examination and other channels, school-enterprise cooperation, directional training and other employment channels, to help students study + employment。

School vision  Our vision

    "Let every student succeed and become a talent who contributes to society!"It is the goal and wish of all the teaching staff of Qingdao Mechanical Technology School。

In the new academic year, 踔厉, we will work hard and do not slack, continue to write a brilliant new chapter of vocational education college entrance examination, single enrollment and high-quality employment, and build a leading vocational education school in China and the province's first-class!

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